Memphis Central High School
Class of 1963

45TH Reunion: Weekend of June 20, 2008

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Dan Adair
(update 01.15..03)
Penny Dollar        (update 05.04.03)
Lynn Allison
(update 03.15..03)
sylivia Dyer            (update 05.15.03)
AndrewsLeeba Andrews
Butch Emmons
(update 7.12.03)
AppletonEmalie Appleton
(update 02.16.03)
Mickey Emmons (update 05.11.03) Bobby Pepper
(update 03.11.03)
AquinoPhil Aquino
(update 01.22.03)
Marcia Eckles    (update 05.05.03) Carole Johnson
(update 02.02.03)
Dean Pope
(update 06.10.03)
Jim BaileyJim Bailey
(update 04.27.03)
Leonard Engelberg
(update 04.06.03)
Gene Johnson
(update 05.03.03)
Dick Prange          (update 05.12.03)
Cricket Cricket Baker
(update 05.29..03)
Carole Freeman (update 05.11.03) Julie Johnson
(update 06.05.03)
Roy Pugh      

(update 06.02.03)

Barton Elaine Barton
(update 03.13.03)

Gene Fulghum     (update 11.24.02)

Laura Johnson
(update 03.15..03)
BettisHal L. Bettis
(update 02.20.03)
Robert Finlay
(update 04.21.04)
Bob Jolley
(update 01.14.03)
Carol Raines
(update 06.04.03)
Carol Black
(update 06.17.03)
Robert Finley      (update 04.02.03)
Randy Jones
(update 12.18.02)
Kit Rushing       (update 05.03.03)
Louis Joyner
(Being updated Apr, 2005)
Stan Justis
(update 06.11.03)
Bonita King
BoswellBuddy Boswell
(update 05.11.04)
Gary Sharp
(update 03.09.03)
Busselle Marilyn Busselle
(update 05.04.03)
Sarah Kirchen       (update 02.20.03) Duncan Sheats     (update 06.01.03)
CampbellJohn Campbell
(update 05.20.03)
Carol Jean Lewis
(update 02.21.03)
Paul Sisco
(update 05.05.03)
Larry Solomon
(update 05.23.03)
Sarah Love
(update 03.09.03)
lowrysusan.jpg (4477 bytes)Susan Lowry
(update 03.30.05)
Patsy Sims
Harriet Gaither
(update 04.18.03)
Margo Macdonald
(update 05.19.03)
Raymond Spence
(update 06.07.03)
Roger Mauzey
(update 03.30.05)


Lynn George       (update 04.20.04) Marcia McCall
(update 12.18.02)
ok - you figure how to alphabetize them easily
Clay Carter Clay Carter
(update 04.27.04)
Mitch Gilliam     (update 04.13.03)
Coker Robert Coker
(update 05.26.03)
Dennis Goodwin (update 05.13.03) John Meeks
(update 04.02.03)
Cole Jim Cole
(update 05.21.03)
Lynda Goodwin (update 05.13.03) Pat Moody
Coleman John Coleman
(update 05.05.03)
Susan Grafton
(update 06.07.03)
Helen Moore
(update 04.12.04)
Susan Gray        (update 05.29.03) Richard Monsarrat (update 04.15.04)
David Greenwood (update 03.10.03) Tim Mowry           (update 01.14.03) Paula Stern
(update 04.29.03)
Lawra Gregory    (update 07.17..03) Cristina Muller
(update 06.24.03)
Tina Surrency        (update 02.17.03)
Gail Cook            (update 05.26.03) Nancy Harrington(update 05.23..03) Phil Murphree                  update 05.22.03) Mike Teague
Harvey Cook
(update 04.18.03)
James Hayes
(update 06.27.03)
Mike Murphy        (update 02.17.03) Carol Thompson   (update 03.21.03)
Dickie Cooper     (update 04.24.03) Mike Hines         (update 04.07..03) Bettye Jo Olive      (update 06.13.03) Roma Leah Trobaugh (update 05.22.03)
Joey Cooper   (update 05.22.03) Jo Ann Hopper  (update 04.14..03) Danny Owen         (update 06.02.03) Sammy Voss        (update 05.17.03)
Jane Council
(update 02.21.03)
Linda Hottum       (update 04.02..03) Mary Jane Pace    (update 06.02.04) Warren Webb
(update 06.05.03)
Curtis Crenshaw
(update 04.25..03)
Don Horne
(update 05.02.03)
Karen Paine          (update 04.25.03) Paula Wicker
(update 02.18.03)

Don & Carol Deaton (update 02.16.03)

Marvin Palmer
(update 08.26.03)
Linda Wiggs
(update 05.23.03)
Tommy DeGrafenreid (update 03.23.03) Ray Inman
(update 05.21.03)
Nancy Perryman      (update 02.16.03) Linda Wood
(update 05.22.03)
Sue Dillard          (update 04.20.03) Frankie Jennings
(update 06.24.03)
Elane Wright
(update 03.11.03)
Annette Johnson
(update 05.10.03)
Jane Wright
(update 03.11.03)

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