October, 2004


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    Mike Thomas Ledbetter

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 .FALLEN WARRIOR - Duane Anderson 

Duane E. Anderson died Friday, Oct.8, in Memphis of lung cancer. In addition to being a standout Warrior basketball player, Duane was also a member of the national honor society and an Outstanding Senior. Those  who attended Fairview Jr. High will remember Duane as the ninth grade quarterback. A complete obituary will be available at on our web site.

MEMORIES –Phil Aquino
Phil's trip to the office

In the first couple weeks of May 1963, it became sporting in Mrs. Betty Biles's
French class to eat candy and share with those around you.  This particular day
was candy corn, which came in a plastic sack that in no way formed to one's lap. 
Things were going really smoothly until the sack got passed back to me from
D. Dow as Mrs. Biles was heading to the front of the room - ahead of my seat. 
Inexplicably she turned around as I took the sack, hand inside, and placed it in
my lap.  Taking the hand from the bag, and putting both hands in front of me,
I was unaware the bag was obeying the laws of physics and shifting (open ended)
to the lower part of my lap.  Trickle, trickle, trickle onto the linoleum floors.  
It was the only time I was 'sent to the office' in my life and it just wasn't my day,
as Mrs. Thomas was on duty at the time.  "What are 'YOU' doing here" was her
question as not too many days before I had handed her my application for a
bookstore scholarship.  Also, it was the only time for detention for me.

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Karen Paine New

Karen’s son and daughter-in-law, Erick & Suzanne, had her first grandchild on
Wed., Sept. 8.  Garner Brokaw New weighed in at 9 lbs., 20-1/2 inches long. 
Everyone is doing fine.


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From Dean Pope              

We are back from 11 wonderful days in England.  Terrific weather and no
hurricanes.  I of course attended the demonstrations protesting the ban on
fox hunting but did not get arrested.  It is obvious that the ban has more to do
with the hatred of fox hunters than the love of foxes.


We did almost all the things we have done before in London -- great theater,
National Portrait Gallery, the real Tate, Apsley House, the Courtauld, Harrods,
Fortnum & Mason and the great food you can find in London if you look.  After
five days in London, we were in the South, first near the New Forest and then
further East.  Paul, I sent you a card from Wakehurst Place, wonderful gardens
and a "millennium seed bank" run by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew  
Son Justin was able to join us for half the time.  It is now time for my pint of
cider and an afternoon nap.



If you feed them, they will come, and we did. John
and Leeba Andrews Curlin hosted the 2nd in a series of
SupperClub mini-reunions Saturday, Oct. 2, at their
Madison County home, Curlin Manor.  Delicious food,
and warm fellowship were served along with near perfect
weather to those assembled for the soirée. Before the scrumptious meal,
guests had the opportunity to tour the three-acre estate carved out of an
arboreal paradise. Pictures will be posted, as received on our web site.


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