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This from Gene Johnson

The Memphis Blazers will be performing at the Italian Festival in Memphis. 
The date is June 5, and the time is 5:15 – 6:30PM.  We perform just before
the ‘Headline’ act, which is Larry Raspberry and includes Felix Cavalierro
(Young Rascals) and Rick Derringer (The McCoys – “Hang on Sloopy,”
Edgar Winter and White Trash, and Steely Dan).



From Raymond Spence

Last month’s story reminds me of our Tenth Grade Geometry class with
Miss Laura Mauzey.


It was one of those hot drowsy days.  We were working on a proof and Miss
Mauzey was prowling the room. Gene was finished with his and was bored. 
He was filling in the letters on the cover of that little red Geometry book with
a ballpoint pen.  If you remember, each letter was outlined in black on the
red fabric of the cover so the letter was really red.  Gene was filling them in
to make them all black. Miss Mauzey caught him from behind and went
postal (in her own way).  She shrieked at him for destroying school property
and grabbed the book and threw it on the floor and jumped up and down on it
(if you can imagine that pudgy little old lady being able to land on that little
book.  She may have even twisted his ear.  All the time she was calling him
Bobby - his older brother's name - like lots of them did to Warriors who were
preceded by infamous siblings.




May17-Barbara Luton Brewer was promoted to Water
Administration Supervisor for the City of Bartlett. She
and her husband, Jerry, will soon be moving from Bartlett to a new home in
Fayette County.


May 21- Susan Grafton Alexander and husband, John, attended their daughter,
Helen’s graduation from UC Berkeley. On May 30, their daughter, Mary,
graduated from McCallum High in Austin and plans to attend NYU next fall.

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