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Missing Warrior

Article and Memories


December, 2007 - Not out yet - just getting ready.  But - See where others are spending Christmas here

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Debut of Henry's Corner


Blackwell, Murphree, and Pleasants go fishing.

Pat Clements visits Cordova.

Sarah Kirchen - Miss Mauzy's paper crunching lecture.





June & July, 2006



Combining summer months


Curt Crenshaw - Mr. Pennington & Ms. Mrs. Greene

Gene and more on Dickie Cooper



May, 2006



Debut of Henry's Corner


Dorothy Dow on Miss Mauzy

Gene's still telling Dickie stories

Grandchildren - Andrews, Barnes, Paine



April 2006



Fred Klyman - remembered by Sarah Kirchen


Supperclubs - 4/22/06 Coletta's

Reeder Dowdy on termites in mulch

Pictures from Supperclubs at 7th Inning

A Dickie Cooper joke


March 2006



Dickie Cooper - remembered by Marcia Eckles


Supperclubs - Brubakerís Restaurant 3/10/06

Credit Card Scam

Susan Lowry's Missionary Trip to New Orleans.

Nancy Perryman on golf and The Villages life

Bonita King gives driving instructions - cruise control and rain

Skateland goes down


February, 2006

New e-mail for Warriors


Marcia McCall honored


Laugh-track joke - black box

Mickey Emmons a Grandpa

Pepper's knew knees

WREC history


January, 2006

Obituary update


Bettye Jo Olive shares a Christmas joke


Anderton's supperclub


December, 2005

Request for Pictures - Holidaylites


Phil Murphree Pictures


Fairgrounds news

Dr. Adrian Rogers

Joey Cooper testifying



November, 2005


Request for Pictures

Spotlight on



October, 2005


  Spotlight - updating biographies Obituary - Mrs. Frances Guthrie
  Bettye Jo Olive passes information regarding possible stroke victims Jo Ann Solomon - Pigs UR Perfect aides in Katrina Relief effort


September, 2005


Juanita Wilmot Spotlight - updating biographies Obituary - John Michael Hewitt
    Peb Stone and Lynn Preston are inviting you to a party - join them for a birthday celebration Oct. 9, 2005
    Kit Rushing is being Published




August, 2005

Elbert Williams   Gene Johnson staying active.
    Curt turned 60.
  Dr. Andrews' recollection of the '37 flood. Susan Gray's daughter on QVC
    Carol Lewis moves.
    Bettye Jo Olive gives ICE advice



July, 2005

The list is getting shorter Patsy Sims is alive and well Larry Solomon wins BBQ Award
  Bonita King meets Katie and Reba Mover - Marilyn Busselle



June, 2005

Danny Ervin Walker Mickey Emmons retires Picture of 1912 Graduating Class
    Paul London's newest book
    Baptist Hospital falls down



May, 2005

Margaret Sullivan We found Mike Ledbetter Movers - Sara Love and Vera Bailey
  Marcia Eckles' Road Rage  

April, 2005

Elaine Smith Fallen Warrior - Jean Curtis Security Warning
    Leeba's recovery from back operation
  Marcia Eckles' request for parents' bragging on their kids Ric Monsarrat's recovery
    Louis Joyner's article in Southern Living


March, 2005 


Patsy Sims Linda Hottum in Russia Coletta's recap
    Dr. Rogers retires
    Goldsmith's is no more



February, 2005

Barbara Sidel Janet Schnierer Greenblatt
Remembers Mrs. Smith
Sara Love gets hooked up
    Gene Fulghum gets hipped



January, 2005

Linda Kaye Pope Finlay Brown - by Carol Catron SupperClub - February 25 - Coletta's
  Christmas reflections - Gene Johnson  


December, 2004

Jerry Patton

 Request for Christmas Pictures  CHS '65 Reunion
   Volunteers needed  Mayor Chandler obituary
    Christmas essay -                        Katie Breytspraak


November, 2004

Judy Mize

Obituary - Mr. Pennington New Grandchildren for David Greenwell and Buddy Boswell
  Memories - Bob Pepper and Miss Wallace - this should have been a Halloween issue Alex Ward and his "Pig n Whistle" broadcasts
    Bring Back Deaton - the woes of the current football team
    We want pictures for a Christmas Album


October, 2004

Mike Ledbetter

Obituary - Duane Anderson Karen Paine has new grandchildren
  Memories - Phil Aquino & candy corn  Dean Pope had a great time in England
     SupperClubs at Leeba's



September, 2004

Judy Horwitz Curtis Crenshaw - Mr. Branyan & Miss Potts SupperClub Update
  Marcia Eckles on Grandchildren  


August, 2004

Sandra Haley Roma Leah Trobaugh SupperClub Update
  Gene Johnson  


July, 2004

Mary Grace Larry Solomon Class of '64 reunion
  Paula Stern SupperClub

June, 2004

Sandra Daniels Gene Fulghum Memphis Blazers
    Barbara Luton
    Susan Grafton

May, 2004

Jean Curtis Gene Fulghum Dennis Terhune ('62)
    Bill Sanderson ('62)

April, 2004

Ashley Byrd Paula Wicker Fred Klyman
    Pat Moody

March, 2004

Sheila Ray Brown SupperClub