March 2006



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                      How did Dickie Cooper get the nickname, Snow Nuts??
                   What does Larry Johnson, CHS. ’62, have to do with this??


You’ll find the answers to these questions in your April Smoke Signals as our Resident Sage,
Gene Johnson submits the first of several installments about his 1st friend of the 1st day of the
1st grade. Some of the stuff is hysterical.


UNTIL THEN, THIS MEMORY OF DICKIE   from Marcia Eckles Miller

Dickie and I grew up in the same neighborhood just two streets apart. He was always with our
gang and we played together at Springdale Park and rode bikes to Overton Park, skated at
Skateland, played kick the can under the street lights on summer nights and many many
more adventures throughout the years.  The one fondest memory of him that I have is when
his family was chosen to be on a commercial for Wonder Bread that
sponsored a kids show. The name of the show escapes me but it came
on Saturdays and me and my family and some of the neighborhood
were gathered around the old Firestone TV to witness this
special moment.  As you remember or maybe you don't Wonder Bread
had red, yellow and blue balloons on the wrapper and helped our bodies
in eight ways.  The only thing that Dickie had to say was that "Wonder
Bread was full of vitamins and minerals and helped our body in eight
ways."  Well he was not able to get this message across as he
stuttered about red, yellow and blue vitamins and it helped our
bodies grow he thought!!"  When I saw him thenext day, I asked
him what happened and he said that the entire time the host was
talking to his parents he was drawing on the back of the sofa the figure 8 so he wouldn't forget
how many ways It was.  We laughed and laughed and for years to come whenever I saw him
I called him "8". I will forever miss his red head and his huge smile and his good nature.

 Say WHAT!!

     “Using natural gas to generate electricity is like washing your dishes in good Scotch”
                                                       Energy Sec. Samuel Bodman

From the Laugh Track  this perspective on golf from Nancy Perryman Parris

Golf can best be defined as an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional
miracle, followed by a good bottle of beer. What say you Harvy Cook?

And this update from NANCY I can't believe that we have been out of high school over
40 years.  Where did the years go?? With most of us at the age of retirement, thought this
was appropriate for those golfers out there. We live in The Villages, Florida, which has 20
Executive courses and 9 Championship courses (that's 290 holes of golf, and more under
construction).  I had never played golf before moving here 6 years ago. Living in this golf
cart community, you have to learn to play golf....however, you don't have to be good.


LINKS   SUBMITTED BY WARRIORS turn on the sound  from Roma Leah Allen from Mike Blackwell   from High School Henry


Warnings from Warriors

From Bonita King Middleton

A Kilgore Tx. woman was driving in the rain when her car literally flew out of control and
crashed. She explained to the Highway Patrolman what happened and he advised her
never to drive in the rain with the cruise control engaged. If you car begins to hydroplane
with the cruise control engaged, the car will accelerate, often out of control.


Credit Card Scam From Phil Aquino

A caller, claiming to be from a credit card co., has your card number, which he repeats to
you. He asks if you’ve made a purchase of high-end item and, of course, you haven’t.
He then tries to have you give him the three digit security code under the pretense of
verifying that you are actually in possession of the card. The caller is convincing, giving
you his name, security and badge numbers, etc., and saying that a credit will be issued.
NEVER give this information to the caller. Instead, tell the caller that you will contact the
issuing credit card co. yourself, and do so.


IN THE NEWS NOW WITH VIEWS  send news of new jobs, retirement, kids,
grandkids,anything of interest going on in your life to Bob Pepper


Susan Lowry Bridwell’s Missionary trip to New Orleans – February, 2005

I have tried twice to write about the trip and have not been able to put into words what
we saw and what we experienced. This will be my last try.

We were paired with Highland Presbyterian in Louisville, KY, and they were fabulous.. Each
day we went to a site and pulled out of someone's home their worldly possessions and put
them on the street. Then we proceeded to take the house "down to the studs" and put it on
the street. The piles were taller than me and I don't even want to know where these piles are
going. We were housed by St Charles Presbyterian Church in their Victorian house Educational
building that has been turned into a dormitory. They fed us breakfast and dinner. The Trinity
Episcopal Church was provided with a mobile concession truck from Texas that fed us every
lunch. Of the 4 houses we worked on, we finished 3. One was in Lakeview, another Gentilly,
another Upper Ninth and the unfinished one was so infested with termites, that we were told
to "get out immediately". It was structurally unsafe. We wore respirators; they look like gas
masks, eye goggles, leather gloves and work boots. At the end of a day we were beat. The
work we did would have cost the homeowner $ 13,000, if hired out. Everywhere you looked
were Blue tarps on roofs that need repairing.  My observations are:


     That it will be a long time before New Orleans will have a come back.....

·        The coverage this week with Mardi gras has been good for the city.....

·        I worry about the mental health of those living in their old neighborhoods with no
        neighbors....most are in trailers.

·        The Lower Ninth should not be was "marshland" originally.

·        An old map of New Orleans, circa 1850, shows the areas inhabited then, did not
         flood in August, 2005! They knew to build on the "high ground".


It was a very rewarding trip and First Scots Presbyterian will send another group there
or to the Gulf. We did drive to Pass Christian and it and Waveland got the worst of the
Hurricane. Hope you all have a nice FAT Tuesday....we are eating red beans and rice
tonight. I definitely got inspired with their cuisine.


Larry Solomon continues to convalesce at his Cordova home after spending a week in St.
Francis Hospital
following knee replacement surgery on Feb. 10 th.


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An archeology team from the Univ. of Memphis discovers the first tombs to be found in the
Valley of Kings in 84 years.


Feb. 7, 1954 – See our Burt Stegall, along with other clean-cut, reverent Scouts.
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Perennial – adj. Persisting for several years. Persistent, Enduring, Constant.
Again in this election cycle, perennial candidate Joe Cooper’s (CHS’63) name will appear
on the May 2 ballot this time in the Democrat primary for the county commission District 5
seat. His name also appears as the plaintive on a law suit against Steven Mulroy, also a
candidate in the District 5 primary. The suit alleges that Mulroy fails to meet the residency


Feb. 20 - Skateland Destroyed

The 43 year-old Skateland skating rink on Old Summer Rd. was destroyed by fire Mon night.
No word on whether or not the landmark will be rebuilt.