June 2007


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SAY WHAT?!! from Phil Aquino

Katie Couric, while interviewing a Marine sniper “What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist?”

The Marine shrugged and replied “RECOIL

                                                                                           Semper Fi



Keep track of crime in Memphis by zip, crime type, street, police pct, etc.  Click for crime tracker



Median age of breast cancer diagnosis is 61... know anyone who is 61???




FROM THE WARRIOR, October 19, 1962  Click for "Dupy on Duds"
Smoke Signals wishes to thank Calvin Hicks (CHS’61) for these copies of The Warrior.


WARNINGS TO WARRIORSfrom Smoke Signals medical advisor Dr. Vinny Boombatz
Unless your child is in pain, lethargic or especially cranky, a mild fever, up to 102 degrees, is
probably best left untreated. Fevers help stimulate the body’s immune system and kill bacteria and
viruses that don’t survive the higher body temps. The exception, kids less than six months of age for
whom any fever warrants a call to the doctor.


HELPFUL HINTS    From Smoke Signals’ HOMES editor - Mike Blackwell

To clean the glass in your shower easily, apply lemon juice to the glass with a sponge. Then, take
newspaper and wipe the lemon juice off the glass. It will be clean and sparkle with no scrubbing!

FROM THE                       LAUGH TRACK


She married and had 13 children then her husband died. She married again and had 7 more children.
Again, her husband died. But, she remarried and this time had 5 more children. Alas, she finally died.
Standing before her coffin, the preacher prayed for her. He thanked the Lord for this very loving woman
and said, "Lord, they're finally together."

One mourner leaned over and quietly asked her friend, "Do you think he means her first, second or
third husband?” The friend replied," I think he means her legs."


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April 30th – A child is born. Mark and Amanda Solomon became parents today with the birth of
22in., 8lb. 8oz. Hunt Allen Solomon at Germantown Meth. Hosp. Mark is the son of Larry Solomon
who died on April 15th. Hunt joins his cousin Taylor, as Larry’s two grandchildren.


June 1-3 – Remember, the CHS ’61 & ’62 Class reunion this weekend.   Click for web site


The Price Is Right may get darker, much darker – Among the possible replacements for the 83 year-
old Bob Barker as host of the long-running game show is the man of bronze, and former Memphian,
George Hamilton. Though born in the river city, the 67 year-old Hamilton moved to Florida at an early
age to begin working on a career of being brown.

May 15th – Neighbors found Bill Hackett unconscious and bleeding from a head wound in the front
yard of his Raleigh home. After an examination at the hospital, doctors advised his wife, Sandra
Childress (CHS’59) Hackett, that his skull had been cracked from front to back from being struck
during an attack. Nothing was taken from Mr. Hackett or his house.

May 24th – This morning’s C.A. reports the death of Conrad Kriese Jr. in Byhalia, Ms. Mr. Kriese is
the brother of Mike Kriese (CHS’63)   Click for obit and guest book.


May 25th – Sweet Baby James –Paula Wicker’s Grandson, James had the tenth surgery on Friday
for the shunt replacement.

All was functioning well when we left Nashville on Saturday around 6 PM. The attending pediatrician

said on Friday night that he did not think there would be anymore surgery for James now, and that
he would be going home soon. (Of course, barring anything else, but then we are not thinking like that!)


The eye doc will review his condition after the surgery three weeks ago to reattach the left retina and
do some more work? on the right eye. Whatever the outcome of the vision, James is very much alive!!!


He "slurped" down his bottle while we were there and "scared" himself with a loud BURP!! He opened
his eyes and looked around!!!

Thanks for your prayers...going home will be hard for Mom and Dad because they will not have
instant access from the nurses right there. They'll do it!!


A letter from Caleb – John and Leeba Andrews’ son, an Army Ranger currently deployed in Iraq.

Click for Iraq #5




 May 7th – Esther Snow (CHS’64) is a party in a custody suit involving a golden retriever.

Temp link to 1st story.  Temp link to 2nd story.  


May 9th – After almost 26 years, Phillip Workman was executed at the Riverbend Maximum
Security Institution. The 53-year-old inmate was convicted of the 1981 slaying of Memphis police Lt.
Ronald Oliver, while being apprehended after robbing a Frayser Wendy’s. Workman’s execution had
been delayed five times.

    Riding on the City of New Orleans – WREGTV reported that a train struck an obviously
intoxicated man who was rolling down the railroad tracks, at night, in a wheelchair. The accident
happened at Yazoo and Kansas in south Memphis. The impact drove the man and wheelchair off the
tracks. The man hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries.


School lunch menu: rice, knuckle sandwich, cake.. Wait, what?  On Tuesday, May 15th Northside
High School
experienced another in a series of massive brawls. This melee resulted in at least 18


Interdivisional Battle – In what sketchy reports say was a fight between a middle-school student and
a Westwood High student, a 15-year-old received a minor bullet wound to the head and a 21-year-old
received a shot in the abdomen. Police blame gang activity.


Mudder’s day in Memphis – The Memphis Police Dept. report that 8 rapes occurred in the city over
the mother’s day weekend.


May 16th – One of the original two screens at the Malco ’Twin’ on Summer, burned Wednesday. The
screen, at Memphis’ only remaining drive-in theater, may have to be totally replaced. The cause of
the fire remains undetermined. The ’Twin’ now actually has four screens.


May 20 week – The Dean of Memphis Weathermen, Dave Brown celebrates 30 years with WMCTV
which he joined after spending 13 years with WHBQ. Prior to joining the Q, Brown worked in radio in
his hometown of Trenton, Tn.   Temp link
     In what other career could a person keep a job that long, while being only 50% correct?


Murder in Memphis on Memorial Day -  Memphis Police report that six murders occurred over the
three-day Memorial Day weekend.


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 a word, image or other content that might be offensive to some. Henceforth, those links will appear BLACK in color.

 It's called 'GOLF' because the name 'SH#T' was already taken! M. Blackwell                            Aliens

The good old days of B&W
Mike Murphy Out with God, in with Gore        Lose weight HOW?!!

Roma Leah ain't got nutin on this guy.        Been there, said that, didn't work.              Magic!

IF you had a highschool sweetheart this is a MUST READ!                                      


                                                         HENRY’S CORNER

Speaking of To kill a Mockingbird, we were weren’t we, the 1962 adaptation of
the great Harper Lee novel was rated as the best movie of the ‘60’s according
to a Yahoo survey and the 2nd most inspirational film of all time by the
American Film Institute. The film is the story of depression era lawyer Atticus
Finch, played by Gregory Peck, who defends a black man against a false rape
charge in the Deep South. The movie marked the first film appearance by
Robert Duvall. Duvall played Arthur 'Boo' Radley a mysterious neighbor, who, according to rumors
was an evil predator who preyed on small children. Atticus Finch was selected as the top screen
hero of all time by the American Film Institute. The film won three Oscars including one for Peck’s
portrayal of the conscientious attorney. The character Dill was modeled after author Harper Lee's
childhood friend, Truman Capote.


The herpes family of viruses can have a surprising upside--it can protect against the bubonic plague
and other bacterial contagions, at least in mice.


People who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks. They also have
less money.


Perspiration is odorless; it is the bacteria on the skin that creates an odor.


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