July 2007


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                                WAYWARD WILLIAMS COMES HOME

For the second time in as many months, a “Missing Warrior” has found his way back home. Elbert
Williams Jr.
, the object of many searches by Mr.. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons has contacted the
staff of Smoke Signals through The Best Damn Web Site on the WWW. Elbert currently resides in
San Antonio, Tx.  Hopefully, Elbert will submit a bio for publication.


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                               Bobby Beeman Back on Board with a Bang!

                                                    The Finley Brown I Knew


Bobby Pepper called tonight, and we talked about the reunion of the CHS Class of '63 coming up
next year.  He told me about Finley Brown being among the “Fallen Warriors”, and it shook me.  It's
not that Finley and I were buddies.  We never ran in the same crowds, nor had any common interest.


Finley beat me in a student government election at Bellevue Jr. High, once.  He was immensely
popular.I guess that I could never imagine Finley being dead because he was always the very picture
of enthusiasm and life.


Finley and I worked at the same FM radio station in Memphis, KLYX in 1965.  I was a station
engineer, and he was an announcer.  They didn't have DJ's at that station. They programmed with
easy listening stereo music with announcers reading station ID's, commercials, and public service


The station where we worked was on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi River, and was in a little
white house on stilts to keep everything above flood stage.  The spring before I went to work there,
the river flooded the Arkansas side, and the crew had to get to work in a boat.


One day, Finley took his .22 cal rifle to work, and threw some large, defective radio tubes into the
water for target practice.  He didn't know that those tubes were under warranty, and he cost the
station a several hundred dollars.  Somehow, he kept his job.


One morning, Finley was scheduled to show up at 6:00 AM to sign-on the FM station.  I was the
engineer responsible for putting the transmitter and studio equipment on the air.  Guess what? 
Finley no-showed.  I broke into announcing that day.  Still, he kept his job.


There was the time Finley drank an entire quart bottle of prune juice at the station.  He had been
living pretty rich and fast, and was just trying to be a regular guy.  He barely made it that day.  I had
to finish his announcing shift.


Finley was a character, and there was always something going on.  There were the times he would
moon any of us while we were on the air.  When Finley was in the house, things were either intense,
just plain crazy.


After I left KLYX, going to work at WMC as an engineer, I lost touch with Finley.  Years later, I read
somewhere that Finley was a minister in Hawaii.  That shook me, too.


I am sure we all miss him.


Bobby is also a cancer survivor. After losing a kidney, he recently received a clean report on a scan.

After the initial shock of the “Fallen Warrior list, Beeman, like most Warriors who’ve been out of touch for some time,
expressed the greatest surprise at the fact that Leeba Andrews has 22 grandchildren, as of this writing. Ed.


"In the long run, we're all dead."

                                               Economist John Maynard Keynes



Smoke Signals has received another in the series of letters from Leeba’s sons who are
currently serving in Iraq. This letter from David, as always, is extremely insightful. Because
the military has now prohibited the posting of such letters on Blogs, this and all future
letters will be emailed only upon Request. Letters currently appearing on our web site will
be removed.



See what Sisco said in the sixties    Click for article          

                 Smoke Signals wishes to thank Calvin Hicks (CHS’61) for these copies of The Warrior.

WARNINGS TO WARRIORS from Smoke Signals medical advisor Dr. Vinny Boombatz

Myth: Greenish mucus means your child has something worse than a cold

The truth: Not usually. While clear mucus is most common, green or yellow can also just be
symptoms of a cold. However, discolored mucus plus a persistent high fever, decreased appetite,
cough, or severe nasal congestion may be signs of a bacterial infection, which -- unlike a cold --
could require antibiotics. If you notice your child often has green or yellow mucus, there may be an
underlying problem (enlarged adenoids, for instance) that's causing recurring bacterial infections. In
that case, let your pediatrician be your sleuth.

Possible Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.  The American Cancer Society put together the
consensus statement along with the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation and the Society of Gynecologic
Oncologists. The experts say women should see their doctor if they suffer, for at least three weeks,
one or more of these symptoms daily:

Bloating. Pelvic or abdominal pain. Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly. Frequent or urgent urination.

HELPFUL HINTS    From Smoke Signals’ HOMES editor - Mike Blackwell

Heat up leftover pizza in a non-stick skillet on top of the stove, set heat to med-low and heat till
warm. This keeps the crust crispy. No soggy micro pizza


FROM THE                          LAUGH TRACK from Penny Dollar


Always wear clean underwear in public, especially when working under your vehicle From the
Northwest Florida Daily News comes this story of a Crestview couple who drove their car to Wal-Mart,
only to have their car break down in the parking lot. The man told his wife to carry on with the
shopping while he fixed the car in the lot. 


The wife returned later to see a small group of people near the car.  On closer inspection, she saw a
pair of male legs protruding from under the chassis. Although the man was in shorts, his lack of
underpants turned private parts into glaringly public ones. Unable to stand the embarrassment,
she dutifully stepped forward, quickly put her hand up his shorts, and tucked everything back into
place.  She took a deep breath and stood up boldly to face the crowd.


She looked across the hood and found herself staring at her husband, who had been standing idly by.
The mechanic, however, had to have three stitches in his forehead.




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IN THE NEWS WITH VIEWS send news of new jobs, retirement, kids, grandkids,


June 1& 2 - The class of CHS ’61 – ‘62 raised the bar for class reunions Friday and Saturday.
Kudos go out to David ‘Mouse’ Vanhoozer and his reunion committee for putting together one
magnificent weekend. The Friday night soiree was held in the spacious office complex of Askew,
Nixon, Ferguson Architects with about 190 alumni and guests in attendance. Saturday night upwards
of 225 partygoers turned out for the festivities, which were held in the beautiful Rhodes College
McCollum Ballroom. This event featured “The Reflections” and a special appearance by “Tommy Burk
and The Counts”. No relics of rock and roll this group; Burk and company belted out a number of their
hits including their highly anticipated ‘signature’ piece Stormy Weather. These guys have still got it
and they showed it in a big way Saturday night.


June 6th – According to her husband Joe, Charlotte Boillot Cates continues her battle against
cancer. Joe said that she is now on oxygen continuously and has very little energy. He again
expressed his appreciation for our concern and our prayers.


June 11th  - Robert Finlay sends pics of his son and future daughter-in-law Click for pics


June 4th  - From Carol Lewis Towler… I just returned from spending a week in Oxford, MS, with
Sean and my grandson who turned 4 on June 4th. It was a world-wind trip, and I cannot believe that
a week ago today my precious grandson was hugging and kissing me and telling me how much he
loved and missed me. It was heartbreaking. I feel like a very selfish person, because I love living in
Florida - the weather; 80 miles from Disney World; and my job. A lot of answers about possibly
moving back to Memphis were confirmed for me - not going to happen. Anyway, this is the 1st of
about (2) more slide shows that I'm going to share with you. Please understand that Erik loves
Shrek, and we took all the children to the newest movie on his birthday. It was so much fun!!!!!!
 Oh, thank all of you who have been concerned about his eyes. He had the surgery in January and
is doing fine. Hopefully, he won't have wear glasses for the rest of his life. Thank you all for your
prayers and concern. Love, Caroljean

Click for pics of a precious grandson.


June 15th – Comment left in web site guest book:” Pbase needs more galleries like yours.”




June 10th  New’s in the news – Karen Paine New along with other members of The Laureate Omega
chapter of Beta Sigma Phi receive recognition for their volunteer work. Temp. link 


June 15th  BY THE NUMBERS; 79.5, 77.8, 67.2– Today’s C.A. reports a slight improvement in the
City Schools’ graduation rate. The statewide rate is 79.5%, the rate at CHS is 77.8%, the citywide
rate, 67.2%. The city has seven schools with a graduation rate below 50%.Temp. link


June 28th  Summer can be murder in MemphisAs of June 28th, Memphis has recorded 79
homicides, year-to-date


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 a word, image or other content that might be offensive to some. Henceforth, those links will appear BLACK in color.

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                                                              HENRY’S CORNER

Speaking of the Four Tops, we were, weren’t we? The quartet of high school
kids was made up of lead singer, Levi Stubbs, Renaldo “Obie Benson,
Lawrence Payton and Abdule “Duke” Fakir. The group, formed in 1954, originally
called themselves the Four Aims, but changed to the Four Tops to avoid being
confused with the Ames Brothers. The Four Tops toured with the Billy Eckstine
Revue in the ‘60’s and by ’64 had signed with Berry Gordy’s Motown Records.
Under the direction of the production team of Holland-Dozier-Holland,
the Four Tops recorded Baby I Need Your Loving, which peaked at number 11 in 1964. Through 1988,
they had 24-charted hits with six climbing into the top ten. Their only number one hit was Can’t Help Myself
in 1965, which remained at the top of the charts for 13 weeks. Among their many accolades was being
voted the 79th Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Artists of all time by Rolling Stone and being inducted into the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame 1990.


Stubbs deep baritone voice won him the role of the voice of Audrey II in the 1986 remake of the Little
House Of horrors


Until the 2005 death of Benson, the group had no personnel changes in over four decades, a music
industry record.


While we’re on the subject, Tn. Gov. Bredesen has signed into law the “Tennessee Truth in Music
Advertising Act” which bars acts from posing as oldies groups unless at least one group member |
was also a member of the original act.


Those who chart such things predict that by 2008, the name Mohammed will be the most poplar
boy’s name in Britain.                  In the U.S.A. the most popular name will be Manuel. Ed.


Purdue University study produces animation showing how an aircraft brought down the World
Trade Ctr.   Click for animation.



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