JAN 2009                                                                                                                ISSUE #58


SupperClub Hopefully will be held the 3rd week of Feb (15-21)


Worthless info - Hitler was monorchic , had only one testicle.


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WARNINGS TO WARRIORS from Smoke Signals medical advisor Dr. Vinny Boombatz


                                    Give someone The Finger – a test

You’re splitting some firewood when a misdirected swing sends the ax across your hand, severing
your index finger. What should you do?


You should apply direct pressure to the wound to stop the hemorrhaging. If that fails, apply a
tourniquet. Call 911 and be transported to the hospital. The finger? Forget about it. In Memphis
amputated fingers are virtually never reattached. The closest metropolitan area to reattach
severed digits is Louisville, Ky.


According to renowned hand surgeon Dr. Bill Bourland, CHS’65, finger reattachment requires
two teams of two surgeons working in rotation to complete the 8-hour microsurgery.







John Taylor


                   Toby Arian – January                         

                   Larry Craig – April                                Sylvia  Dyer - July

                         Joe Davis - April                                   David  Merriman - July                                                                 

                         Timothy Mowery – May                        Judy Chandler – October



The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps.
                                                                      Benjamin Disraeli


FROM THE LAUGH TRACK  from Marilyn Busselle Stull

As the years have passed, things have definitely changed. Even the great cheerleading we enjoyed at
our high school games. What spirit we shared, yelling our favorite cheers, like

"2   4   6   8, who do we appreciate?!"
Remember "W     W     WARR ------- I      I      IORS, WARRIORS!!!!" ???

Sadly our Alma Mater is not the same. One of the new cheers is as follows-------

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Nov. 23rdLeeba has sent Howard’s latest update from Iraq. Send it.


Dec. 29th – Pal Joey Today’s CA reports that Joey Cooper, CHS’63, has been given a delay in his
date to report to federal prison and begin serving his six month sentence for money laundering.
Cooper was to report by noon Dec. 30th to the U.S. Penitentiary at Florence Colo. the delay was
granted based upon Cooper’s claim of family health problems.


Dec. – Sarah Love Swanton is still recovering from having a large, but thankfully benign polyp from
her colon. She then suffered for five weeks with a post op infection.


                                       Take this advice from Sarah.


My mission now is to let everyone know how very important a colonosopy is.  I have a friend who has been
 bugging me for about 2 years to get this done.  And it saved my life because this large polyp would have
eventually become cancerous


Warriors, you have at least 2 friends bugging you to have a colonosopy, Sarah and me. Just Do It!!


Jan 5th – Murder in Memphis. According to the Memphis Police Dept., Homicide bureau in 2008
there were 146 felony homicides. The count in 2007 was 132


Jan 1st – Take a look at Leeba and John’s 24th grandchild and read her very inspirational letter

Click for pic.


Dec 23rdCheck out the TWO latest additions to Mike Blackwell’s family! Click and scroll dwn





Nov 2008 – The Congressional Quarterly Inc. crime stats rank the Memphis Metropolitan area as
the 2nd highest in the nation lagging only behind Pine Bluff Ark.  Click for more.


Nov 29th  - Coach Murray Armstrong who served in the athletic dept. of the U of M for 46 years, died
at his Somerville, Tn. home Temp link to ob.


Dec 5th – Media Personality dead at 83. An icon of the Memphis TV and radio airways, Fred Cook,
died today in Memphis. Temp link


Dec 9th – The CA reports that the Memphis Police Dept.’s success rate in solving homicides in

2007 was 87% vs. 84% thus far in 2008. Nationwide, FBI stats show a drop in homicide clearance
rate from 91% in 1963, the first year records were kept, to 61% in ’07. Officials blame the increase
on drug and gang related crimes.


Dec 11th – Don’t look for this on “48 hours”. According to the Sheriff’s Dept. A robber attempting to
rob a McDonald’s shot the manager,
Tiffani Chambers in the hip. Failing to open the safe, he fled
with $285 and jumped in an automobile driven by Aaron Bey. The robber told Bey “He shot some
woman” It turns out that the woman who was shot was Bey’s girlfriend and the car used in the crime

belonged to the victim. Detectives believe some employees were involved.

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contain content that might be offensive to some. Henceforth, they will appear BLACK in color.
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Does Anybodey Really Know What Time It Is                 Engineers with too much free time       Bk to the '60's
12yr-old jailed for passing gas     Now you tell me!                           Beat the computer @ tictattoe Mike Hines

                                                   HENRY’S CORNER


Speaking of Don McLean, we were weren’t we, though best known for his song,
“American Pie” another McLean hit, charted at #12 was the equally cryptic
“Vincent”. This song was a tribute to Vincent van Gogh. It is also know by its
opening line “Starry Starry Night “ a reference to a van Gogh’s painting Starry
Night. The song  describes various paintings by the artist; and was written after
McLean read a book on van Gogh’s life. It charted #1 in the U.K.

Starry Night was rumored to have been painted while the artist  was in an asylum. Adding to his
depression was the fact that, during his life, he only sold one painting. The depression eventually
led the artist to suicide. Click for more

The most covered song of all time – “Yesterday” by the Beatles.


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