August, 2008

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                                     Bobby Beeman remembers Thomas Boggs


Thomas Boggs lived on Kyle St., just a couple of houses off Netherwood adjacent to my Commercial
Appeal paper route.


I had just gotten my driver’s license, and had finished my route on a rainy, Saturday morning.  As I
rounded the corner onto Kyle from Netherwood, I gleefully stepped on the gas to “burn some rubber”
with my Dad’s old 1957 Ford.  The car went out of control, and I crashed into two Chevrolets parked
in the front of the Bogg’s house.


I bashed them pretty good, and the Boggs brothers, Thomas and Richard, had a lot of fun with me. 
They were witnesses when I called my Dad and said, “Dad, I had a little wreck”.  I had sideswiped
one Chevy, and hit the other one head-on.  Big time!


When my Dad arrived and saw the extensive wreckage, he was speechless!  We had to borrow a
crowbar from the Bogg’s to separate our Ford from what I think was their Chevy.


That is one of my memories of Thomas and his family, and I always knew him to be a great guy. 
I am sure everyone misses him.

                                                             SAY WHAT?!!

These were people who looked at a flush toilet like it was a spaceship.

                                                                                     Ann coulter re: soviet spies

Who Dat Warrior?



FROM  THE                              LAUGH TRACK  From Phil Aquino



I attended a party this past weekend. After checking out all the well-dressed guests at the party, I
spotted an attractive woman (standing alone) across the room. When I approached and asked her
name, She coyly cooed...



Trying to maintain some sort of conversation with her, I responded with


"That's a beautiful name. Is it a family name?"


"No," she replied. "I gave it to myself, because it reflects the things I like most in the world - cars
and men." Then she asked, "What's your name?"

"Golftits," I replied.


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July 8th - David Greenwood continues to undergo intense testing for an ongoing problem with
intermittent dizziness and tremor.


July 14th – No good deed goes unpunished. Larry Neaves and his wife Peggy recently relocated to
500 acres in
Brookesmith Tx., where they are in the process of setting up a horse rescue operation.
On the first day there, a 2000-pound Belgium horse kicked Larry, fracturing his arm so badly that it
required surgery. Larry’s bio with pics will soon be published on our web site.


July 15thLooks like Marcia Eckles Millers daughter will be in the pits and the pool.

Well I did not make it to the reunion to my dislike. I had to out of town that weekend and just could
not be both places. I really wanted to attend due to the fact that it was held at my best
Spanish-speaking buddy in the whole wide world. Barbara, I am truly sorry. Now for the reason for
the absence:

Our daughter, Jacqueline, age 24 graduated from U of M in May with a degree in Sports Science
and a trainers license. She has always been a NASCAR fan and for the last six years has pursued
this goal of being a member of this organization. Well, folks the American dream is a reality. She
applied for an internship with Hendricks Racing and got it!! The weekend of the reunion we were in
Charlotte, N.C. apartment hunting and her interviewing with her new group. She is moving Aug. 1
and then on top of everything else she is getting married Sept,13. Now what else can she get into
this year I have no idea, but I bet she does.
The Hendricks team was looking for an aquatic trainer for their pit crews. With her having six years
of swimming and working as an aquatic trainer at Well Works part time to stay fit she seems to be
just what they have been thinking about.  Now I have a mental image that makes me see this 5'4",116
pound Barbie doll looking thing ripping beer cans out of 300 pound men's hands and throwing them into
the pool and demanding them to perform water ballet. Well I believe she could do it. This has really
been a year for us all. Our oldest grandson graduated from high school our youngest graduated from
kindergarten and Jacqueline graduated from college. Best of all worlds. The other two siblings are very
excited for their baby sister but so sad they are miserable that she is actually moving away from them.
They have both shed tears of happiness and sadness and her Dad and I.

 We always want our children to succeed but sometimes we would like success to be closer to
home. Well after all of these years of marriage Mike and I will sit and decide if we like each other
or not and be happy that we do.
Have a marvelous summer all of you Warriors and if you need NASCAR tickets, well I can't help.
 Will be using them for ourselves so we can enjoy what she sees in just turning left, over and over
and over and over....Marcia


July 16thPatsy Sims Moore her husband, Ted and granddaughter, Kyra leave for Seattle where they
will join up with her brother, his wife and her nephew.
Then it’s on to Vancover


July 17thSupperClub. If you feed them, they will come, and a SupperClub at Pete and Sam's
always bring em out. Thirty Warriors and their guests dined on some of the best Italian food in the
area, Thursday night at our 18th SupperClub. Two new Warriors joined the list of 'Regulars'; Gloria
Hepburn and Terry Thurmond Macy, both CHS'64.


After reviewing previous SupperClub attendees, we realized that our very own Darlene Greer was
also making her inaugural SupperClub appearance with husband Jerry. Three new ‘Regulars’!
Click for pics


July 18thFrom Leeba Andxrews Curlin

We are back in Panama and are expecting David and family on the 26th for two weeks. Marvi , our
oldest daughter ,was recovering from back surgery at our house when we left. She and family will
return here next Monday. It has been a wild and crazy summer so far. John flew to San Salvador this
morning for a week of prayer ministry. I am catching up at the computer since I have hardly looked at
it for a month due to having Marvi and some of her kids with us after her surgery. She had to have two
rods put in her back, but she is doing well... no more bending on purpose or doing the twist..


July 26thSylvia Dyer Stanford CHS’63, died today, eleven days after undergoing heart surgery.





July 5thCity Councilman Jim Strickland sponsored a successful resolution to give the portion of
Madison Ave. between Rembert and Barksdale, the honorary designation “Thomas Boggs Boulevard


July 6thMemphis University School coaching great Jake Rudolph died today in Memphis.


July 10th  Larry Godwin, Director of the Memphis Police Dept. has filed suit Chancery Court
to force AOL to reveal the names of those who operate a blog that is highly critical of Godwin
and the command staff of the MPD.


July 14thMrs. Nina Gates Taylor, mother of fallen Warrior Gene Taylor, died today in Memphis
at the age of 85.

July 15th – The City in chaos makes its move. Last month, you’ll remember, the City School Board
filed suit against the City of Memphis to restore the $62 million the City cut from the school budget.
Tuesday, the City filed a counter suit against the Board of Education for $152 million that the City
says it is owed for debt-service bonds taken out on behalf of the Board.
July 18thToday’s Commercial Appeal reports that for the second straight year, the JD Powers
and Associates customer satisfaction survey ranks Memphis Light Gas and Water next to last.
The utility company rated 21 points lower than MLG&W was Northern Indiana Public Service


July 24thDavid Merriman, CHS’63, died today at the Med from injuries received in a May
automobile accident.
July 25thFox 13’s Chief Meteorologist Brian Teigland, died this morning at his Memphis home,
he was 53. Brian had also served as weatherman at WREG-TV
July – Weather. Based on thirty years of records, July 21 is historically the warmest day of the year
in Memphis with an average low of 74 and an average high of 93. The all-time hottest day on record
for the city occurred on July 13, 1980 when the temperature soared to 108.
July 29thHere’s a bolt out of the blue. According to the TBI one third of all homicides occurring in
Tenn occur in Memphis.
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                                            HENRY’S CORNER


Speaking of Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, we were, weren’t we? Sam was born
Domingo Samudio in Dallas Texas. His date of birth is shown variously as 1933,
1937 and 1940.  The original Pharaohs, Ray Stinnet, David Martin, Jerry Pattterson
and Butch Gibson, wore
Egyptian outfits and in their early years, hauled their
equipment in a 1952 Packard Hearse. They first recorded for Tupelo records in
1963. Two years later, they hit the big time with “Wooly Bully,” which made it up
to the number two spot on the charts.


“Wooly Bully” has a history unto itself. Many radio stations feared it had hidden suggestive meanings and
banned it from their play lists. Their fears were that the term “L7” meant lesbianism, actually it indicated
someone who was square; the title referred to the female public area, etc.  It’s imagined lewdness not
withstanding, the song soon became a worldwide hit selling over 3 million copies and was the record of
the year for 1965. Although it did not reach the first place on the charts, some experts claim that it was
the top selling single of the year.


Sam and the Pharaohs had six charted singles, another top ten hit was “Lil’ Red Riding Hood” in 1966.
The song was featured in the ’93 Bruce Willis thriller “Striking Distance”. Sam’s songs have been featured
in a number of movies. Sam himself had his one and only acting role in the 1966 bomb,
The Fastest Guitar
Alive” a Civil War espionage film, which also featured Roy Orbison in his only acting role.


After numerous personnel changes to the Pharaohs, Samudio went solo in 1970 then formed a new band in
’74. While reported to be a street preacher in Memphis, Samudio still makes singing appearances.


At this writing, Sam the Sham is scheduled to appear in Somerville, Tn., August 16th to perform in a benefit
for Chief of Police Ken Feathers, who suffered a stoke in a benefit wrestling match.


The longest Pop song ever recorded. – According to The Guinness Book of World Records is Chris Butler’s
The Devil Glitch, a 69-minute song with over 500 verses. It entered the record book in 1997


The shortest recording ever to reach # 1 on the Charts -  Stay” at 1:28, by Maurice Williams and the
Zodiacs in 1960.


The shortest recording ever to break into the top 40_ Duane Eddy’s “Some kind – a earthquake at
1:17 which reached #37 in 1959                                        

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