APRIL 2008



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Grand reunion update: Things are beginning to come together for the Grand Reunion weekend. Friday
evening’s soiree at the Luton-Brewer Estate will by catered by Leonard’s. Saturday night’s dance will
feature D.J. Alex Ward and his Pig-N-Whistle Review.


For us to be able to book venues with adequate space, we need an educated guess at the anticipated
attendance. We are not asking for reservations at this time, just your best guess. If you are 85% certain
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        Poignant sentiments From Mickey Emmons

It’s like a time warp, Bobby.  My three years at Central were probably the best of my life.  Looking back,
I'm just afraid I missed something.  I lived in East Memphis and was in the Overton school district. 
Harvey Cook and I played a lot of junior golf together when were in elementary and junior high schools,
so I decided to transfer to Central and play prep golf with Cook.  Worked out fine for both of us.  Cook
walked on at Houston and I believe Georgia.  I was not good enough to play at either school, but
Tennessee took me and it was a good ride there. For a 15 year old who came out of East Memphis,
going to Central was like going to Harvard.  I mean........fraternity rush, all the new kids to me coming
from Training, Fairview, Bellevue, etc.,  it was a new world unfolding.  I still stay in touch with some of
my closest friends from CHS and looking back now I would have probably married a CHS girl if I had
stayed in Memphis


We've looked back now and laughed at the prospects of that scenario coming to fruition.  Would not have
been a good thing for either of us.  Hell, take a close look at what I am wagging on my arm.  She was
beautiful when I met her in 1963 and gets more beautiful every day.  Isn't it unique how irony plays such
a big role in our lives?  I mean, she was the "princess" of Covington.......Miss Everything, at least to me
when we met...........and I was just another average guy among 20,000 at Knoxville.  It took me a while,
but I weaseled in on her football jock boyfriend and it has been a magnificent 45 year journey.........41 of
that married.  I guess the older I get the more sentimental I get, but I thoroughly enjoy getting back
together with old high school friends and just listening to what has happened in the last 45 years........
and we look forward to June 20.  It truly is the joy of my time warp.  Later................Mickey


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Our slip is showing and Harla Kaplan saw it. She pointed out that, according to Snopes,
Susan Lucci is NOT the daughter of Phyllis Diller.


SAY WHAT?!!  "Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and
undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled or Hanged!!!

                                                                                                                       Abraham Lincoln


FROM THE                    LAUGH TRACK

A lady gave birth to a baby in the hospital. After she recovered the doctor came in to speak to her.
“ Your baby’s in good health, but there’s something important I need to tell you.”
The woman became worried.
“What’s the matter with my baby…tell me please. What’s wrong?”
There’s nothing really wrong, but your baby is a little different. He’s a hermaphrodite.”
“Hermaphrodite? What’s that?”
“Well, it means your baby is…that he has…all the equipment of a man and also that of a woman”
The woman pales.
OH my God!! You mean he has a penis and a brain?!!


        YOU IN "THE SPOTLITE" . Use this well done bio. from  PINKY as your guide

WARNINGS TO WARRIORSfrom Smoke Signals medical advisor Dr. Vinny Boombatz

Do not give your dog raisins, grapes, onions, cocoa, or macadamia nuts. Snoped


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Mar. 12th - Update on ‘Sweet Baby’ James, from Paula Wicker Hamby. James had surgery last week
to correct an abdominal hernia, but more extensive surgery was needed and performed on the bowel
which had been stuck together from adhesions from previous surgeries. James was doing well for a
few days following surgery. But then fever and vomiting occurred precipitating further treatment.

James went back to surgery yesterday following tests which confirmed an abscess. thought to be in
the "wound" or incision of the abdomen from the previous week's surgery. Our faith in God's providence
remains very strong although we are very tired, especially Morris and Melissa. We are blessed to have
you walk this incredible journey of faith with us. This was James' 17th surgery. The medical staff at
Vanderbilt is wonderful, and I ask prayers for them also.

Update Mar. 13th  -James' surgery was a bit more complicated because the "reconnection" of the bowel
which was done in April 2007 was found to be the source of the infection. Dr. Morgan had to remove this.
He had to go deeper than just the "wound" of the incision to find the infection. So another colostomy was
done to let the bowel heal. James remained in the Pediatric Intensive Care last night 3-12, and will be
moved back to a regular room maybe tomorrow. It is hoped that in several months after the bowel has
healed, the colostomy can be reversed.
 Update Mar. 13th  -James' surgery was a bit more complicated because the "reconnection" of the bowel
which was done in April 2007 was found to be the source of the infection. Dr. Morgan had to remove this.
He had to go deeper than just the "wound" of the incision to find the infection. So another colostomy was
done to let the bowel heal. James remained in the Pediatric Intensive Care last night 3-12, and will be
moved back to a regular room maybe tomorrow. It is hoped that in several months after the bowel has
healed, the colostomy can be reversed.
Mar. ’08 – Think crime in Memphis isn’t among the worst in the nation. Just watch three episodes of the
A&E Network’s “The First 48”; the mean streets of Memphis will be featured in two of them.


Feb. 28th. See how Wooddale High plans to deal with a withering assault of false fires alarms. On one day,
the alarm sounded five times. Click for story

Mar. 9thJudy Freeman chs’61, died in Memphis after a courageous battle with cancer.
Mar. 12th. -  The Associated press reports that 1 out of 4 teen-age girls between the ages of 14 and 19
carries a sexually transmitted disease. As usual, the Bluff City ranks at the top of the sexual sickness
list; first among metro areas in cases of Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea and second in Syphilis.
Mar. 12thOne girl was arrested, two other were issued juvenile summons and one was hospitalized
as the result of a fight in Cordova High School.
Mar. 14thAn intoxicated Sheriff’s Deputy with 17years on the job became involved in an parking
altercation with another patron at the Windjammer Restaurant. When the restaurant DJ, 42 yr-old
Donald Munsey attempted to resolve the dispute, the deputy left and shortly returned with a weapon.
He shot and critically injured the man involved in the original dispute and the fatally wounded Munsey.
Mar. 21st. – Now here’s a bolt outa the blue. According to the C.A., Shelby County has lost population
for only the second time this decade. Census figures will show that the county had a net loss of 505
residents, less than 0.1%. Surrounding counties posted gains. Fayette County grew by 4%, Tipton,
to the north of Memphis, grew by 2.2%, DeSoto Cty., Ms. up by 3.9%. From 2000 and 2007, DeSoto
grew increased in population almost 40%, the 33rd fastest growing county in the nation with a
population greater that 100,000.

Mar. 21st. - Mayor Willie Herenton announced today that he will resign effective July 31st. It has been
learned that the federal grand jury has subpoenaed numerous documents involving Herenton’s ties
to city contractors.


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a word, image or other content that might be offensive to some. Henceforth, those links will appear BLACK in color.

AMAZING Busselle                            The card.  Blackwell      History's greatest record co. screw ups

Skin tone preferences                  Thwarted terror since 9/11                   CLEVER ANIMATION


Ideal love making lasts 7-13 minutes. THAT LONG?!!                              Amazing yo yo mstr.

Depressed? You've got company.


Speaking of “Crime Story”, we were, weren’t we?  The dark, violent and high-priced
Michael Mann production ran from ’86 to ’88. Set in 1963, one of the earmarks of the
now classic series was the vintage cars used. The gritty series starred an actual
retired Chicago cop, Dennis Farina, as Lt. Michael Torello head of C.P.D.’s Major
Crimes Unit. The show portrayed actual mob exploits as the Chicago crime bosses
relocated to Las Vegas. The series material was the basis for the 1995
Scorsese film ''Casino.'' Both portrayed mobster Tony (the Ant) Spilotro.


Among the big name actors featured in “Crime Story” were David Caruso, Stephen Lang, Jon Polito,
perpetual bad-guy Ted Levin, Capt. Leyland Stottlemeyer of  “Monk” fame, a youthful Julia Roberts and
Kevin Spacey.


A number of factors led to the show’s demise, primarily the production costs, the fact that NBC bounced
the show around it’s schedule, tinkering with the script in later seasons, and running opposite ABC’s
''Moonlighting'' and then ''Thirtysomething''. The series was a precursor of the 'The Sopranos” the only
other show to approach “Crime Story’s authenticity.


If the story line and the period automobiles didn’t draw you to the series, the music should. Perhaps
the best known of the talented musical contributors was Del Shannon who updated his classic ’61
hit Runaway to serve as the theme song.  Adding more brass, an upbeat tempo, along with some
change to the lyrics, the theme has become popular in it’s own right.

Take a trip back to"Crime Story" and runaway.


Bet you didn’t know: Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants.


Upper and lower case letters so named because when the original print had to be set in individual letters,
upper case letters were stored in the ‘case’ on top of the case holding the smaller, lower case, letters.

The name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan; there was never a recorded Wendy before!




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