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Newspaper Article - Central High School Graduation (Undated)

Memphis newspaper article (undated) found in "The Chickasaw" Yearbook, Central High School Senior Class, June 1931 (sic). Names do not match the senior roster in the June 1931 yearbook. Click HERE to view article


George Slager Honored By Harvard Club For High Scholastic Standing.

The thrill of graduation day was only a memory today for 254 Central High School seniors who received diplomas Thursday night at the school.

George Slager, a junior, was awarded a book by the Harvard Club of Memphis. George was selected for outstanding scholastic standing in his class.

Members of the graduating class were:

James Neely, Clyde Richert, Heustis Moore, William Anderson, Ed Rubenstein, Al Kearns, John Holcomb, James Henderson, Herman Martin, Ed Yancey, Herbert Meister, Bill Jetton, David Gibson, Ed Sneed, Jesse Vineyard, Billy Crockett, Robert Harbinson, Frances Staple, Helen Ford, Daisy Capers, Margaret Drake, Roberta Reid, Martha Chase, Evelyn Stephenson, Katherine Saxton, Anne Preddy, Mary Joe Tate, Rosalie Felsenthal, Mary McDougall, June Cunningham, Frances Moss, Laverne Bailey, Robert Williams, George Martin, Strat Jones, Margaret McDougall, Florence Ramier, Alyn Lipscomb, Nell Rockholt, Adele Lee.

Katherine Pointer, Latitia Myers, Helen Davis, Martha Peterson, Adele Bigelow, Lelia Heuer, Lillian Ainsworth, James Brazwell, Maurice Carlson, Abe Krivcher, Jack Stanton, John Holbrook, Maelllen Staub, Dorothy Ellison, Dorothy Lee Kearney, Dorothy Gaden, Lucille Pearlman, Mary Bolan Stanford, Ramelle Wheelis, Sue Sweeney, Angelita Fernand, Estelle Lerner, Dorothy Hall, Harriett Litchfield, Jack Meyer, Randal Crowe, Billy Griffith, Marion Gandy, Beachie Clair Dowling, Ruby Ham, Nanette Miller, Elmo Carruthers, Max Schwartz, Henry Dunivant, Clyde Raines, Malcolm Strawn, Yates Dillard, Earl Moreland, John Hines, Edward Ragsdale, Joel Beall, Sidney Alexander, Sam Gill, Eric Henrich, Lamar Jackson, Carnot McDonald, Eleanor Spence, Elizabeth Connely, Martha Louise Coulter, Rosine Worthington, Nona Drake, Ruth Buffaloe, Lorraine Clifton, Selma Cohen.

Elise Jane Fulkerson, Mary Cottingham, Eleanor Callicott, Elizabeth Scott, Richard Whitmore, Barnett Sledge, James Hayward, Franklin Jones, George Waggener, Shannon Fisher, Helene Frohlich, Frances McKinney, Blanche Kabakoff, Billie Allensworth, Rivers Addiington, Julia Marie Leslie, Sara Virginia McDonald, Katherine Meyers, Jane Sternberger, Sara Jane Krakaur, Jessie Belote, Lou Emma Wright, Walter Stephenson, Burdette Purcell, Robert Metcalf, Maitland Patton Purcell, Robchior(?), William Walker, Dick Morgan, Carruthers Moffat, J.M. Hart, M.A. Lightman, James Goshorn, Starke Cline, James Herrington, William Seago, Hiram Todd, Eugene Morgan, Charles Moore, Kenneth McDonald, Ed Lawrence.

Herbert Smith, Jerome Rosengarten, William Ling, George Frank, Ed Smith, Mary Katherine Parker, Athala McDougall, Ruth Capshaw, Mary Sue Eveans, Mae Stanfill, Sue Cooney, Lillian Coopwood, Louisa Moellre, Eleanor Welch, Florence Coley, Elizabeth Dorwart, Benita Holland, Dorothy Segler, Frances Welch, Albert Laughlin, Fleet Clark, Ira Archer, John Houston, Elizabeth House, Virginia Jay, Sara Elizabeth Meredith, Mary Broadfoot, Mary Jane Wilson, Harry Dee Raymond, Elaine Kee, Paula Daper, Dorothy Randall, Beauton Bynum, Josephine Murphree, Violet Reich, Ruth Coffman, Geraldine Allen, Loyce Smith, Margaret Hassell, John Best, Richard Straawn, Mary George Abington, Ruth Shepherd.

Maion Crawford, Virginia Smith, Jean Christie, Lucile Jones, Jennie Lou Doss, Ruth Stainbrook, Frances Barbour, Marie Mills, Lorraine Wright, Macel King, Julia Scalfe, James McDonald, Bob Price, Robert Barbee, Richard Drake, Henry Olsen, Katherine Wright, Shirley Ham, Harriet Sweeney, Bobbie Richardson, Banks Christian, Henry Nall, Thomas Wellford, Bill Vaughn, Donald Buford, Carl Wellborn, Walker Lewis, John Hill, William Blue, Robert Winter, Lapsley Crosier, William Kenworthy, Lynn Dowdy, Frank Doggerell. Amelia DuBose, George Moody, Virginia Johnston, Ruby Davidson, Mary Elinor Wagstaff, Frances Burnett, Marguerite Mullette, Helen Mitchell, Molly McCord, Benita Farmer, Doris Mitchell, Margaret Rogers, Bob Walls, L.M. Blaylock, Henry Hammond, Thomas Aday, Jerry Porter, Irwin Brod, Evelyn Jarrell, Mary Register, Sybil Adair, Pat O'Connor, Nelda Tubb, Ruth Mayne, June Christie, Betty Lord, Nora Rabb, Mildred Grooms, Sadie Middleton, Willie Maddux, Robert Holloway, John Ehemann, Edwin Todd, Elisha Haskevitch, Seward Hall, Winfield Qualls.









                                      REGARDING THE ABOVE ARTICLE

Martha (Johnson) Purcell here........ class of '62....... and webmistress for CHS1962.com.

I was just looking through various CHS websites and came across the newspaper article from the old graduating class thought to be the senior class of 1931. 

It is actually the Class of 1932. 

My mother was part of that class.  She was the class secretary.......... Lou Emma Wright. 

(Kemmons Wilson was also a member of that class, although he didn't actually graduate.  He dropped out during his senior year.) 

I'm attaching a couple of pages from "The Trail's End" that my mother had reproduced for their 50th reunion back in 1982. 

I'm thinking that "The Trail's End" was the name of their yearbook, but I don't know that for sure. 





So you will understand.

We had found the first part of the page a couple years ago just surfing the web, and posted it.

Martha [Johnson (CHS '62)] Purcel realized the dates were wrong - what was shown was not the class of 1931, but 1932 - the year her mother graduated.

Martha has copied the  pages from "The Trail's End", 1932 edition.  That may have been the name of the Yearbook.  The names from the reported 1931 class are shown on those pages.


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