Memphis Central High School - Class of 1963


Our 50th Graduation Anniversary has come and gone



       The 1974 Class will have its 4OTH NEXT WEEK - click here to see some details


          The 1964 Class will have its 5OTH in October - click here to see some details

They need help finding classmates.  Look here Directory of 1964 Central High School classmates






We haven't decided on how we want this page to look for the next five years so bear with us.

We did want to get the pictures to you


there are a lot of photos from Friday and Saturday and for now are posted in two batches.

Go to this page and you will see the various galleries:  Class of '63 Pictures

We have two good group phitographs and are posting both in case people moved

Group Photo 1                      Group Photo 2

If anyone cares to name the individuals and send the list to me, please feel free

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School History



Smoke Signals



In Memory 






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2008 Reunion Photographs




We are the Warriors, the mighty, mighty Warriors.  Ev'ry where we go-oh people want to know . . . ."     

We were singing that over forty years ago at The High School of Memphis, Tennessee - until 1963.

Central Doorway by L.M. Ragsdale

View our pages to find out what we have been doing all that time, where we live, what our children and grandchildren do, how we now look, and hear our thoughts on that very important period of our lives.


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If you are a Central High School alumnus from any year we would like to have your information for the Alumni page.  Please send it to us.





If you're a 1963 Graduate please review your Biography to make sure it's current.  If you haven't sent us one, please do so along with any pictures - kids, grandkids, pets, descriptions of projects.        Here's a sample



  Other years' websites - you can see them here. 1969 has had its 40th reunion and is posting pictures.  1962 has posted its 50th reunion pictures here.




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